Netdata doesn't store data longer than 8hrs (Unraid setup)

I have netdata running on Unraid and it never goes back more than 8hrs.

Unraid 6.12.4
Installed via docker container and up-to-date

This is what my netdata.conf [db] section looks like

	 update every = 1
	 mode = dbengine
	 dbengine multihost disk space MB = 256
	 storage tiers = 3
	 dbengine tier 1 multihost disk space MB = 128
	 dbengine tier 1 update every iterations = 60
	 dbengine tier 2 multihost disk space MB = 64
	 dbengine tier 2 update every iterations = 60

When I try to look back, my charts break off after the 8hr mark

Ideally, I’d want this to go back at least a year using the tiered storage system, which seems possible based on the documentation

Hi @frosty_hedgehog

You just need to increase the disk space MB of all tiers.

Now, how much exactly, really depends on how many metrics the agent is collecting.

Please also check this page Change how long Netdata stores metrics | Learn Netdata for more information.