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How to stor the metrics data to local disk and what is the logic of Netdata’s local storage?


As I read from the Netdata docs, the metrics data is stored on the local nodes. And there is an option that you could choose to write the data to RAM or local disk. But currently I could not find where to set it (to write the data to RAM or local disk). Is there such a config file specifically for this?

Moreover, it would be nice if someone could explain a little bit more about the logic of Netdata’s local storage. For example, how does Netdata achieve its local storage? And why the local metrics data can only be stored for a short time?

Thanks sincerely!

This blog post i think should have some answers for you: Netdata - The reality of Netdata’s long-term metrics storage database

And another one from a bit earlier that gives some context and background: Netdata - How and why we’re bringing long-term storage to Netdata

The docs are also a great place for research. We have worked hard in maintaining top-notch quality