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Claim nodes for offline netdata installation


I would like to check with you, is it possible to claim local servers to centralized offline NETDATA dashboard in case if we don’t have access to internet?
Usually we dont allow internet access to linux servers. So I am looking for a way to integrate those nodes to offline NETDATA monitoring node.


@luke_devon Thanks for using Netdata. You can stream to a central Netdata parent in your infra and then use the agent custom dashboards to visualize charts from the child nodes. You do not require internet access for this.

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Hello, is there any solution to implement netdata-cloud in my private network?

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Hi @Jorge_Padron_Salas ,

No, not currently. We focus on improving Netdata Cloud for everyone, before working on an on-premises version.

It is possible to use the Netdata Agent quite extensively. What is your use-case? Perhaps I could indicate features of Netdata Agent that are of interest to you.