No Dashboards tab on local parent-child setup

Hello there !

I’m still new, i don’t know if what I’m planning to do is correct, my testing setup is composed of :

  • parent host : with netdata installed : registry disabled, and stream configured as parent
  • child host : netdata installed with : registry enabled and set destination to parent host, disabled web and db. and configured netdata.conf adequatly for a child agent.

on the web ui exposed by the parent agent, i can see both instances metrics and graphs, the main things i can’t do is creating cusom dashboards. I don’t have neither the dashboards tab on top, neither i have the possibility to add a pan to a custom dashboard, it says i should login, knowing I’m looking to work offline/locally without exposing any metrics.

Is this normal ?

Thank you :pray:

My bad, it’s a cloud feature, responded here Claim nodes for offline netdata installation - #6 by Tasos_Katsoulas