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Running a "headless" Netdata Agent with Cloud compatibility

I’ve been seeing a few questions and comments about whether it’s possible to disable the local Netdata dashboard (you know, the one at http://localhost:19999!), while also still being able to see your metrics in Netdata Cloud. I thought I would address the concept and offer a solution in a short thread.

Here’s one example of this question in the wild: Netdata Agent only for cloud usability. xenforq asks, “Does the agent support toggling features to make the only function sending statistics and data to Netdata Cloud?”

The answer is yes! And it’s actually quite easy to implement. You might want to take this quick step if you’re worried that your local dashboard is accessible by default on port 19999.

To disable the local dashboard, open netdata.conf.

cd /etc/netdata
sudo ./edit-config netdata.conf

Scroll down to the [web] section, then change mode = none.

    mode = none

Restart the Agent with service netdata restart. Your local dashboard is now disabled, but you can still see all your metrics and alarm statuses in Netdata Cloud.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to completely disable the Agent’s database and still see your metrics in Netdata Cloud. That’s because Netata Cloud doesn’t store your nodes’ metrics, only initiates a secure connection and streams data to your browser. If there’s nothing stored on your node, there’s nothing for Netdata Cloud to display!

Anyone already using this tweak, or is this the first time you heard about it?

For more information, read up on our security design, or stay tuned to some big changes coming to our docs in the next week or two! :wink:

@andrewm4894 — Yes, setting mode = none on the webserver also disables the API. I’m actually not sure at the moment if it’s possible to disable the web server but keep the API at http://localhost:19999/api/v1/....

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cool - did not know about this. Would this also mean your metrics and stuff are also not then available at the like of http://localhost:19999/api/v1/... ?

I’m assuming they would not be available and that this is what a user would want (e.g. if i dont want to expose the dashboard then i also would not want to have the api there too) but just curious.


We just got a question via email that is asking for specifically this. Great job man!

i use a master dashboard node slave headless streaming method, i have the masternode setup in cloud, and see the data of the master node but not the slaves … if you log in to masternode then i can switch the slaves via top left menu

is this possible to view the slaves in cloud ? i mean the single database is configured to be on the monitor node.