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Is it possible to Host the Infrastructure Dashboard Locally?


I have multiple servers that I am monitoring and I was able to set up the infrastructure dashboard. I absolutely love the data that Netdata collects OOTB but the only issue is that I would prefer to host the dashboard on one of my servers instead of in the cloud. The idea is to monitor multiple servers from some localhost, similar to what you can do with a single system.

I have tried to set up one of my servers to be a registry, connect the minion servers to that agent, and then host that server at port 19999, but it simply showed the same, single-node dashboard.

Is there anyway that I can host the infrastructure (multiple server) dashboard on one of my servers, without ever sending it to google cloud and just hosting it locally?


Hi @Tarik_Dahnoun

Check Dash (Multi-Host Dashboard) (maintained by community)

Thank you! This was extremely helpful. I was successfully able to set up the registry and upsteam data from my slave servers to my master server. I do have a couple questions though.

  1. How can I ensure that all data remains local on my servers? That is, I would like there to be no connection to the cloud at all for security purposes. I understand that setting up the headless connector on the slave servers to direct all data traffic to the master server (i.e no cloud connection), but how do I know what the master server is doing? Is it still sending the combined data outside of my local environment?

  2. I would like to aggregate the data of multiple minion servers onto the same figure. This is important for me as I am monitoring 100+ servers. Although tv.html makes it easy to monitor servers side by side, what I would really like to have is the way the dashboard is shown when looking at my infrastructure when I sign into Netdata Cloud (where you can look at sum, average, min, max of multiple servers or by individually labelled servers). I don’t mind customizing the html and js (it doesn’t need to be OOTB) but I haven’t found a clean way to do this. In the past couple days, I’ve been trying to use this response: Dashboard for 20 servers · Issue #2912 · netdata/netdata · GitHub. I’ve tried adjusting the default data-host to be my master server, but I get an empty chart with an error message. Can you provide some direction here please?


You can compile Netdata Agent without Coud support. And even if you have cloud support you need to claim the instance to connect it to the Cloud.

See: netdata/ at cd040eabe546a2538da79e17574c88b25f9217c4 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

There is anonymous statistics enabled by default, but could be disabled too.

I am not aware of easy ways co creates such view, possible options atm:

  • use Dash
  • export metrics to some time-series database and use Grafana.

Just in case you missed it, it is possible to switch between servers using Replication Nodes Menu on the parent (master) node, but yes, there is no aggregation view.

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I’ve decided to export the metrics to Prometheus and then use Grafana. This was very helpful.

Thank you!

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