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Centralized monitoring for the remote nodes/Servers

First of all, apologize if this is a repeating question. I wanted to ask this question as I couldn’t find out the answer for it on google.

Suppose, I have 1000 no. of nodes locally and remotely. I want to monitor (in the netdata dashboard) all these nodes in a central location. is it possible?
Just to play around with netdata I have installed in a local machine and its working perfectly. The dashboard is really nice and it is so informative. Should I install netsdata agent in all 100 nodes? Then how can I view all those nodes in a central viewer (dashboard)?

Thank you

The Netdata solution for this is ideally (blog about it Where you would setup a “space” and then claim your nodes.

Other things… yes, netdata would be installed on all nodes (where supported). Netdata doesn’t directly support Windows nodes (yet), but can indirectly via wmi via proxy host.

Where I work, we only monitor our Linux hosts using Netdata and we use ansible to install it.

Hey everyone,

Just to offer a small update on this topic: We have released our Overview view, which is our answer to infrastructure monitoring, allowing the user to view all the nodes in the same war-space without having to set up anything.

Checkout our video, made by @joel, for a review of the feature: