changing cloud space url

Is is possible to change the cloud space url after changing the space name? For example, ‘Old Space’ with this url

was renamed to ‘New Space’ in the settings, but it still has the original url. Is there a way update this?

Unfortunately no, that “space slug” is generated only once for each space and is meant to be a unique identifier for the URL. If you create a new space with the exact same name, you’ll see a slightly different “slug” generated, in order to guarantee uniqueness forever.

Can you explain the business need for it? We might make an exception and do a manual update, if possible and absolutely necessary.

We’re currently using netdata for my company Alert Innovation and would like to use ‘alertinnovation’ as the space slug. When I initially setup netdata it created a space slug with my username ‘john-karakashi-space’ and I didn’t realize it until after adding all the nodes.

This is a shared space with all of DevOps at my company and it would be greatly appreciated if we could make an exception if possible. Thanks for your help!

I’m asking internally and will let you know.

Hi @jkarakashian :wave:

your space’s slug has been changed to alertinnovation :santa:

Happy Monitoring!

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Great! Thanks all for your help!


we are exactly in the same position, the company namespace was created with one of my teammates username “adrian-martine-space”. Could be possible that you edit our space name to “vdshop” ?

Thanks in advance.

i have made a feature request here to be able to change space url