Feature Request: Node ID and Space ID in web GUI

I was recently troubleshooting an issue with Netdata and one of your team asked for the Space ID and NodeID of the affected agent.
I had to ask about the Space ID because it’s merely an ID and not a GUID and so it’s the space name; and yet the node ID is something like a GUID (don’t know if it’s global to netdata or to my instance of data).

In any case it wasn’t obvious to find this information and it’s important for troubleshooting.

  1. I’d like to suggest that the Space ID is added to the dialog which comes up when you select the cog/setting icon for that workspace/War Room; and the Node ID should come up when you click the “Select Node Information” button for a node (which should be trivial as it’s in the JSON output).

  2. Some documentation covering this as a google search only turned up bug reports which ask for the values and don’t mention how to get them.




Hi @Luis_Johnstone, how are you today?

Thank you so much for the feedback.

We’ve moved feature requests discussions directly to the public repository so we can keep a record, centralize the conversation, and help the team build backlog & prioritize.

Would you be so kind as to open an issue for feature request?

I can do it for you and tag you if you run into any difficulty.

Have a nice day, thanks! :mechanical_arm:

All done. Raised as Feat: 490

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I see it! You’re the best, thanks!

I think this info is actually available in the json that this little guy gives you. Only discovered it myself yesterday.