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Chart auto rescale


I just started playing around with the netdata dashboard. But what already does bug me a bit is the auto rescaling of the charts when scrolling left and right or when switching on and off single graphs. It makes it a bit difficult to follow or compare certain values.

Is there a way to (temporarily) switch off the auto rescaling? I know it is an intrisic feature of the d3 library, but a little checkbox below the chart to switch it on and off would be very convenient.


Maybe the Play/Pause button at the topbar next to the datetime picker is helpful to do what you are trying to do? You can stop all the charts at once.


Yes the pause button does stop the charts from updating.

But the one specific chart I am exploring still constantly rescales on the y-axis when switching on only one graph-line or when scrolling left and right through the data history. So the comparision constantly changes its baseline and makes it difficult for a human to read and compare properly.