Dynamic Y-Axis for Graph "Total CPU utilisation"

it would be nice if the maximum value of the y-axis would adapt dynamically to the values of the live graph, so that the graph is automatically enlarged for small values.


Nice to have:

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+1 I have been asking for this too :slight_smile:

@hugo do you know if we have an existing feature request for this one? I have a feeling we might somewhere but not sure.

I have some doubts on the feature request itself, is it about the scale adjusting to changes when the charts are playing or to override some opinionated setups we do? for example, on CPU utilization (%) related charts we fix the Y-scale to 100%

we have one that around Chart setting to enable auto-scaling or manual selection of units, so this discussion can be used to tune this spec

^ i think it’s this - i get that netdata trying to be helpful with some defaults on some charts but often i want to just turn that off and go dynamic. For example maybe the “shape” of the cpu when it goes from 20% to 30% matters - the default of being fixed to 100% sort of makes it harder for me to see what i want. So i have in my head something clickable on the y-axis that can strainght away just make the y-axis dynamic.