Set custom python chart precision / number scale


I have implemented a custom python collector. It collects data from one of my apps and I have managed to successfully (almost) print it in my own custom chart. However, the samples I want to show are often values between 0 and 1 seconds. I haven’t figured out how to change the chart precision so that it won’t always show value=0 in my dashboard.

One solution is to multiply the value x1000 and show the data in milliseconds, but I would rather have it in seconds.

How can I solve this?

Currently there is no direct ( in-UI ) way oof changing chart-precision. But, if you are somewhat fluent with JS, you can just use sth like:

// Lets take ram.avail meter as an example and re-scale it
let rescale = DOMMatrix.fromMatrix('ram.avail').scale(100,100,100,0,0,0);

Hi, @Inigo_Arribillaga. The collected values type is an integer. If you want to push fractional values, multiply this value by 100 (or 1000) and set the dimension divider to 100 (or 1000).


@ilyam8 thats not what OP asked for…

This works perfecly, thanks!