Chart settings not saved

I created a custom dashboard on but the chart modifications aren’t remembered (e.g. changing group by value and pressing “Save” in the top right corner). If I go back to “Overview” and back to my custom dash, the chart settings are reset. Also why must I focus the browser window to get updates?

Firefox 102.0, Ubuntu 22.04

Hey terryw, there is an open issue in netdata-cloud regarding chart settings not being persisted in custom dashboards. You can keep track of it here: [Bug]: Dashboard chart type does not persist when saved · Issue #486 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub . Team is working on a fix.

Also why must I focus the browser window to get updates?

Do you mean getting chart updates? like ,always fetching the latest chart data even if you have switched to a different browser tab?

If yes, there is an option to make the charts always “Playing”, even if you switch tabs. Just click the “Play” button inside the date/time picker at the top of the screen, while in the Single Node or Overview tabs in the Netdata Cloud and select “Force Play”. This way chart data requests will be issued in the background while you are browsing in other tabs.

Hope it helps


Thanks a lot for a quick reply. It’s frustrating as a newbie netdata user.

Yes, it’s about chart updates. Every time the window isn’t in focus, “Playing” switches to “Paused”. “Force play” solves the issue, thanks.

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@terryw a fix for the above mentioned bug was released.
do let us know if you still face any problem

@hugo the settings for “line”, “area”, “stacked” are indeed saved. But one chart has selected only one dimension and if I select “All dimensions” and click “Save”, that isn’t remembered. Screencast uploaded here

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Thanks for the quick feedback @terryw , we have a different bug being used to track this [Bug]: Dashboard - Chart settings not saved · Issue #495 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub we will update as soon as we have more news on that

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@terryw an initial fix has been released for this and we’ve opened a follow-up bug to deal with a very specific scenario on chart type - [Bug]: Chart type on custom dashboards not respected when _opinionated_ defaults exists · Issue #517 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub

please try it and let us know if you still find any issue.