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Can't add charts on custom Dashboard

I am trying to add some charts to a Dashboard but no matter how i add the charts, they are not displaying in the Dashboard. If i add the charts by clicking Add within the Dashboard the charts briefly appear but as soon i click the Save button they disappear.
Same think happens across multiple web browsers (latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and multiple Netdata accounts.

The Netdata Agents installed are v1.28.0.


Thanks for reporting this. Can you please post here a short recording? Pinging our engineers in case it’s a known bug.

P.S Welcome to the community! I will be your guide here, so please don’t hesitate to contact me directly!


Thanks for the warm welcome! Here is a short recording with the issue described.

Thanks a lot for detailed report! There was indeed a bug, and a fix should be released shortly, perhaps tomorrow.


Thanks for keeping me posted! You are doing a great job!

The fixes has been deployed. Thanks again!