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Is “On Focus” mode available somewhere in



Thanks Jacek for jumping in the thread!

@ezois, keep us posted if it works and do stick around. :slight_smile:

Thanks, this workaround will do fine.

@Ezols thanks for asking, i forgot to put an update here. So, it turned out that right now users will have more benefit if we still don’t update charts when focus is lost (actually this is what “on focus” mode is, contrary to “always”), so we cannot make “always” mode the default yet… We will try to bring the options modal to the cloud, but there are other more-requested features, unfortunately.

As a workaround, of course not ideal, you can change this setting in browser console, by doing localStorage["options.stop_updates_when_focus_is_lost"] = false, this way charts will still be updating when you switch to other tab/window.

Hi Jacek,

“On Focus” was working for some time, but now the charts again are not refreshing if i haven’t focused on netdata tab.
Any hope for “on focus” to be on by default?

Hi Jacek,

“On Focus” by default would be great for me.


Hi Ezols, no, unfortunately it isn’t, we didn’t had time to design the modal with options. But we actually thought we should set it “On Focus” as default. Would it be ok for you?