UI glitch?

Using NetData Cloud to monitor our own hardware overseas (Im in TX, h/w is in datacenter in Germany). Works like a charm, but just one thing:

when I login to NetData Cloud, and than open new browser tab, do something else (while keeping NDCloud logged in, open, but in a background) and, after some time (5-10 mins) return to NDCloud, all graphs need to redraw and, for split-second, there is no data warning on every graph. Shouldnt NetData be working in the background also drawing graphs?

@wlisikpl By default, the console plays/streams data only when the page is active/in-focus.
It will pause if you minimise the window, switch to another tab or hover-over a chart.
This is great because it saves wasting bandwidth and resources. As an aside, as you correctly imply, there’s probably some latency affecting the speed at which data starts to stream again when you switch back in focus (that’s pretty normal for such high latencies as I expect in your scenario).

The green button at the top of the window marked “Playing” has a drop down option for “Pause” and “Force Play”; this last option might be the one you want as it will force the continued streaming and updating of the charts currently visible regardless of whether the page is in-focus or not (although it will still pause when you hover over a chart so be careful to not leave the mouse cursor hovering over a chart and then, say, alt-tabbing to another app/window, if you want the exact behaviour described).
Hope that helps!

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