local-custom-dashboard saving issue


I use Netdata for my small server and have customized the local-custom-dashboard multiple times to suit my needs. I frequently save and modify the dashboard, and it generally works well for capturing screenshots with Fireshot that display selected diagrams.

However, I encounter an issue where my local-custom-dashboard configurations are lost following the nightly updates that Netdata performs. This has become quite inconvenient, and I’m looking for a way to preserve these configurations so they can be restored after an update.

Additionally, there’s another annoying bug: when I try to rename the local-custom-dashboard, it becomes completely empty, and the renamed version doesn’t appear either.

For your information, I am using the free version of Netdata for my personal server. However, I also manage a paid Netdata instance at my workplace.

Could someone please help with:

A method to save and restore local-custom-dashboard configurations after updates?
A fix or workaround for the issue where renaming the local-custom-dashboard causes it to become empty?

Thank you!
My netdata v1.45.0-545-nightly

Today was the day again. The custom dashboard is suddenly no longer available :melting_face: