Custom Dashboard without account login

I have a few installs of NetData and I’d like to know if there is a way to create a dashboard without signing in. It appears only after I sign in am I able to actually save the dashboard so it persists across web sessions. Am I missing something?

Hah, I stumbled across this while trying confirm my understanding as well. I’m fairly certain you have to sign in though, based on the pricing page. Under “Free”(requires Sign Up) it says:

Max 1 Active Custom Dashboards (per Room)

For Open-Source, what we’d be using:

Visualize every single metric in meaningful, fully automated dashboards

Which is definitely fair, it’s still Free and I’m not sure what a “Room” is yet but I imagine it might be per-browser? I’m aligning the term with NOC/Sys Mon rooms, but I’m really not sure… this tool was so easy to setup I haven’t actually had to read any documentation or information on it :smile:

@lfstudios10 on the agent you’re able to have 1 custom dashboard that stored on the browser’s IndexedDB under netdata-cache.

see this as an example :point_down: