`class` and `type` attributes not being sent to Alerta

Hi all,

Right now we’re pushing our alerting into Alerta and so far things are working well but we’d like to classify our netdata alarms with a more granular severity. For instance, all of our Netdata alarms are either WARNING or CRITICAL but I’d like to classify some alarms as MINOR, some as MAJOR, etc.

I was thinking maybe I could set the class in the alarm config to the desired severity but looking at the Alerta payload (netdata/alarm-notify.sh.in at 3296f78436ce1f474cd38de7e842df6cf2f1f112 · netdata/netdata · GitHub) it doesn’t look like it includes it as an attribute (defined here, I think: netdata/alarm-notify.sh.in at 3296f78436ce1f474cd38de7e842df6cf2f1f112 · netdata/netdata · GitHub).

Was this intentional or would you guys be open to a PR that adds it?

Hey @mjtice ! We’d welcome such a PR, yes, thanks, or we can check it out internally at some point, it’s a good suggestion. Perhaps the fields could/should also be sent to other methods as well if possible.


Thanks, @Manolis_Vasilakis . I’ll take a look.