Additional severity levels

Related to my question here. Has the Netdata team considered adding/expanding the severity levels (e.g. ‘major’, ‘minor’)?

Right now we’re pushing alerts into Alerta from a few different systems (Netdata being one of them) and it would be nice to be able to define specific severities for different types of alerts.

Hello @mjtice thank you for your input. This may interests @sashwathn

@mjtice At this point in time we do not intend to add new severity levels. I will look into this requirement and see if it makes sense to add this as a new feature for future releases.

As you can imagine, adding new severity levels will also increase the complexity in defining Alerts and will further increase the number of events exchanged between the agent and cloud.

Ok, thanks for the feedback, @sashwathn. I’d imagine it would be a tremendous effort to implement.