some of the missing ones I found

hi all,
i sometimes create different servers automatically with Auto Scaling. these servers are automatically added to my netdata dashboard. but I have three problems when it is automatically deleted again.
problem one: I can’t get a notification when these servers are added automatically or when they don’t receive data, that is, they are deleted anymore.
Problem two: I can’t see the past data when it was deleted. this is a very important point. I can’t see the metrics that were used when a server was deleted. if there is no such feature, it is a big shortcoming.
the third problem: why do I need to edit the alert manager separately for each server? why can’t I manage an alert for all servers on the dashboard?

i am monitoring over 100 machines. i can’t do separate operations for each machine, I don’t have time for that, I can’t watch netdatayida all the time, I don’t have time for that. he needs to let netdata know if there’s a situation. but I can’t get a notification when the new server is created or when the server is terminated. and alert manager needs to be managed from one place, not separately.

this is actually what I’m saying, but if there’s something I can’t find, please help me. or you are waiting for these beautiful features that deceive you. i think these features are important

thank you veeery much from now on