Cloud Netdata dont's show infomation node windows

Dear Netdata.

I config agent windows and stream to parent (parent connect to cloud). Everything’s working well, but in menu “Nodes”, no infomation and graph agent windows.

What need I do and fix it?

@vandt sorry for delay here - are you still having this issue?

@andrewm4894 yes, how can i fix it :slight_smile: ?

Hi, @vandt. These are virtual nodes, right? If so, this is a known problem. There is no fix at the moment.

Hi @ilyam8 : I thought I had misconfigured something somewhere. Thank you, and I hoped that this issue would be fixed soon.

Thanks you.

@vandt one other thing to note that may help here is that windows data starts with windows. when looking for metrics to show on that tab, you will need to add it and then it will appear on the right side. i asked about if the node window could show cpu regardless of the os.