Virtual node does not show in cloud room

I have installed the windows_exporter and verified that it listens om port 9182

I have configured the vnodes.conf file with a GUID that was generated via powershell

I have configured the windows.conf file with the PC name and IP

But when I debug the server side plugin with ./go.d.plugin -d -m windows i get no activity and subsequently the node does not show up in the cloud room.

Is there any other server side configuration that must be done when adding a new windows node;

Are you able to curl the 9182 port on the windows server from the system where Netdata agent is installed?

Have you tried editing the configuration for windows.conf from the UI using the dynamic configuration feature? Go to nodes tab, and next to the node click on the “gear” icon and select windows to edit the config. You can also test the config from the UI to ensure it is proper.

Hello, yes i can curl.

When I add through the dynamic interface teh test is succesfull but the submit brings up en error

  • must NOT have additional properties
  • must NOT have additional properties

Hey, @mawashi. And what is your Netdata version?

must NOT have additional properties

I think we had this issue, but it has been fixed in both the latest stable and nightly releases.

I have deleted the entry on the dynamic configuration, and created a new one, the node was accepted and shows as Running, but still does not appear in the room

Netdata version is 1.45.3.
After many “systemctl restart netdata” now there is a Windows tab that appears in the metrics list on the right side. I have configured the “vnodes.conf” file with a GUID and it looks like this:

  • hostname: pclmanos

BUT it is located at the /opt/etc/netdata/orig/vnodes direcrory is there a problem?