Windows Node not showing on Dashboard

-installed netdata service with wget
-installed windows collector on windows svr 22
- health status of win collector:

added hostname and url to Windows.conf -

-added hostname vnode and url to vnodes.conf

   -debug no errors

then ran systemctl restart netdata

nothing is working here what am I missing? Tried in a docker container as well but to no avail.

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Having the same issue. Hopefully someone knowledgeable will have the answer.

Assuming this is a bug, I tried running as a docker container as well. Next I will try it on an isolated instance of Linux Server and see if that works. Maybe theres some conflicting services running im not aware of on this VM.

While having the same problematic result I see a solution for you.
Your whole jobs section shouldn’t be in vnodes.conf but in windows.conf
Only the hostname section(s) should be there.

So jobs in windows.conf
And hostname with guid in vnodes.conf