Metrics Graphs Blank for Windows Servers on Nodes Tab

Hello and thanks in advance for your help.

I have configured Windows Exporter on a number of Windows Servers which all check in to the same Ubuntu Server where I have configured their virtual nodes. Port 9182 is available from the Ubuntu server for all Windows Servers. In Netdata cloud, I get metrics on individual node pages. However, on the Nodes overview tab I only see metrics on my Linux servers.

Has anyone seen this behavior and have any idea on how to fix it? Seeing as the metrics are getting to the cloud, I assume there may be a setting I have to change in the cloud portal, but I can’t seem to find anything.

You will see what I In the first photo below. The second photo shows that I am actually receiving metrics when I look at a single node (in this case, “fileserver”, which you can see is blank on the Nodes Overview)

This thread is about this same request Windows Server 2019 Not Showing As Separate Node On Dashboard - #6 by BigsaveCory

TL;DR: Virtual windows nodes metrics differ from the normal nodes default metrics for cpu, mem available, etc.

To be able to see this for virtual windows nodes the best would be to have them all in a War Room and customize the nodes tab for the windows specific metrics