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Configuration problems (memory mode = dbengine)

My global module is configured as follows:
memory mode = dbengine
dbengine disk space = 256

What I understand is that in this mode the data is stored in RAM first, after exceeding an upper limit, the data is saved to the local disk. At present, it seems that only the space saved to disk can be configured. I found that the memory usage of Netdata is very high under this configuration(about 140M). I want to reduce the amount of data saved in RAM in the first step, but the size of the data saved to the local disk remains the same. and then it will reduce the total memory usage of Netdata, how can I configure it?


Hey ,

What you really want is to decrease the amount of page cache, while increasing the disk space. Have a look at our docs and let me know if you have any further questions!

Thank you very much for answering for me.
I read this and updated the configuration´╝îand then the results calculated by the calculator are as follows´╝Ü

The actual memory usage is like this´╝Ü

About 67% more RAM, is this this normal?