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Minimim memory usage for netdata?

I’m running netdata on 1GB VMs and I noticed that it uses 100MB resident memory, so 10%. I tried to limit it by setting the configuration

memory mode=dbengine
dbengine multihost disk space=512
page cache size=8

but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

What is the least amount of resident memory that netdata can use?

hmm @Stelios_Fragkakis any idea on this one? Is page cache size 8 ok?

With dbengine, the memory usage will be pretty high. To lower it you’d want to reduce the dbengine multihost disk space a lot, but that affects the retention. See the

If you have a lot of 1GB VMs, I suggest setting very low retention on them and using the streaming protocol to replicate their data to a beefy central node. The same calculator will tell you what the requirements would be for that central node, based on the number of children, the metrics they collect and the retention you want. If the total is too high, you can have several different parents and connect different parts of your infra to each of them.