Reduce memory footprint of Netdata Agent


How can I reduce the memory footprint of Netdata Agent?

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Memory consumption

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Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
netdata v1.44.1

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I checked netdata’s memory consumption with Netdata monitoring and metric " Resources utilization of systemd services" shows ~200MB (for netdata).

I checked /etc/netdata/netdata.conf and this config includes only few parameters:

    run as user = netdata

    # default storage size - increase for longer data retention
    page cache size = 32
    dbengine multihost disk space = 256

After reading further documentation I wonder why there’s no section db in the configuration file.

Can you please advise?


That is memory usage of all Netdata’s components and I believe it includes shared memory. You can see the actual memory usage in the “Applications” section “memory” subsection, check the first chart - “Apps memory usage without shared”.

There you can find Netdata and its data collection plugins - processes with .plugin suffix:

You can disable plugins in netdata.conf, check the [plugins] section.

You can decrease memory usage of Netdata process by changing in netdata.conf

    dbengine page type = gorilla

Restart Netdata to apply changes.

This metric shows ~99MB for netdata.

I wonder why I should switch to dbengine page type = gorilla.

I’m running a mail server (dovecot, postfix, spamd) and think it makes sense to limit metrics for relevant application(s) running.

See “Gorilla compression beta” in v1.44.0 highlights. It is still beta but worth trying.

Also, if you see that ebpf.plugin uses a lot of (assuming 50-60 is a lot in your case) - disable it.

Actually I can’t see any data for ebpf.plugin in metric "Apps memory usage without shared”.