Disk Alert

Hello guys,

I was wondering if is possible to add the free GB field of the volume in the Disk Alert email.

For example: Remain xxGB on 1TB

Thanks in advance

Hi @Nick777

Sorry, currently there is no way to do this.

However, this was implemented (kinda) as part of this PR → Add 1min_node_anomaly_rate alert template by MrZammler · Pull Request #15012 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

With that PR and with recent changes to add a summary field (that adds a customizable notification subject) it could be done… I’ll see if we can get that PR going again.


Alright, thanks. I have also another question:

I see that the Disk alert once triggered will stay with the critical flag without sending a reminder if the system see that nothing has changed. Is possible to add a reminder in case of no change? Like after 24h

It’s okay to configure the repeat in the alert like that? repeat: warning 86400 critical 86400

I haven’t tested this much repeat time, but yes, it should work. Let us know if it doesn’t.


Well… it doesn’t send any alert atm but i have the warning active.


So you’re saying there is no repeated notification, right? I’ll have a look, what version of the agent are you using?

I don’t get any disk notification anymore. SMTP still working. Any idea?