Examine /var/log files ?


I installed my web_log go.d plugin on Netagent V1.44.3.
I can see the reponses in the monitor, but try to find a way to examine the (apache2) logs itself.
I see only the systemd logs tab, but is there any way to examine the logs I want, without going to ssh to my servers?

Kinf regards.

Hi @JB_Walton,

This integration isn’t target to get the logs from your webserver application into the “Logs” tab in Netdata. This integration is under Data Collection and allows you to get metrics out of the parsing of log lines, even custom metrics.

You can see an example of this on our Netdata Demo environemnt.

If you want to see logs on Netdata “Logs” tab you will need to push them to systemd-journal log. There is documentation on log2journal tool that we created to help you with that log2journal | Learn Netdata

Hope this helps.


Hi Hugo,

Thank you for your answer.
I know that the web-log is for metrics an that is working well.

I will look into the log2journal tool to check if this work for me.
Thanks for the tip.