Excuse me, how can Netdata set custom alarm notifications to DingTalk

##how can Netdata set custom alarm notifications to DingTalk

##I have tried many methods, but I still haven’t received an alarm notification on the nail. Can you please tell me how to configure it in the Ubuntu environment so that the nail can receive an alarm message

Hi @boju ,

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I found this GH ticket from a user setting this up Can I add a alarm notification which can send messages to DingTalk? · Issue #6044 · netdata/netdata · GitHub
We don’t have this integration as part our official list but you can basically create your script to send the notifications to DingTalk, please take a look at the issue and this docs and see if they help.


Thank you very much for your answer. Please help me take a look. Can I use the following method

version: netdata v1.19.0

Enter the configuration file directory of netdata/etc/netdata and create a file named health_alarm_notify.sh Script file for notify.sh

#/ Bin/bash
#Nail Robot Webhook Address
Webhook_ URL=“xxx“
#Alarm topic
#Alarm content
#Send HTTP request to nail robot
Curl - s - k - H ‘Content Type: application/json’ - X POST - d “{” msgtype ": " text ", " text “: {” content ": " $subject
$body {} "$webhook_ URL>/dev/null

In the configuration file directory/etc/netdata/health. d of netdata, create a cpu. conf and add the following content

#Alarm notification script
Notify_ Script='/etc/netdata/health_ Alarm_ Notify. sh ’
#Set the conditions for triggering alarms (such as CPU usage exceeding 80%)
#Alarm notification message
Notify_ Message=“CPU usage exceeds 80%, current value is $STATUS”


I wasn’t able to clearly understand your question. Could you better explain it?
Also, have tried to implement this based on the example provided on the GH issue?

The document I received last time still did not solve my problem. Can you provide specific configuration files and operation steps

Seems we have actual docs on how to send notifications to a custom endpoint, please check it this one helps Custom Agent alert notifications | Learn Netdata?