extract one dimension value from multi dimension graph

i’m using a prometheus exporter like windows_exporter and expose windows services with multi-dimensions.
when i when to create an alarm with :

alarm: multi_dim_test
on: prometheus_polarion_tst.windows_service_state
lookup: max -30s
every: 10s
info: Prometheus test monitoring

it work with the sum of all dimensions, but i need the value of only one dimension : it’s name in the graphe is name=windows_exporter,state=running
Unfortunately when i try to use lookup: max -30s of name=windows_exporter,state=running, it doen’t work: no value returned.

Is there any way to get the value of a dimension named like “name=windows_exporter,state=running” ?
Thank’s for your help

We have a bug here. The comma is used to separate different dimensions, but in this case, a single dimension includes the comma it its name. We should have never named the dimension this way. Without reading the code I tried to enter a double quote around a similar dimension, but all that did was include the quote in the dimension name, so still it doesn’t work. Opening a bug report to get this addressed.

Hi, @t.gar. What is your Netdata version? We had such dimensions in an old version of go.d.plugin.

Hi, ilyam8 my netdata version is v1.36.0, is lastest version will change this behavior ?

Yes. The latest stable is 1.38.1

Hi ilyam8,
i have updated with version 1.381, it solve the problem by creating 2 charts per service, and then remove multidimension with “,” separator. :smiley:
but i loose all my data’s before update :smiling_face_with_tear:.