fping monitoring stops indefinitely after a CRITICAL alert


I’m running netdata 1.12.0-1+deb10u1 on an RPi1B+.
I’m monitoring my network health via fping.
Configuration is stock (what you get from ./edit-config) for both fping.conf and health.d/fping.conf.

Once a CRITICAL alarm is raised, fping monitoring stops indefinitely and I have to restart the netdata service in order to resume it.

What am I doing wrong?

Hey @vaiden , welcome!!

Netdata 1.12.0 is kinda old… can you try to upgrade? And we’ll check if it is still a problem in later versions.


Sadly this is the latest version available to the RPi1 architecture.
I’ve tried compiling the newer version but it’s not worth the heavy lifting.

At the end, it seams that the default configuration for the fping alerts was not taken into consideration.
Issue was fixed by simply applying the default configuration:
$ ./edit-config health.d/fping.conf