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Generate authorized links from web page

Goodmorning everyone,
I am developing an application that shows a list of servers and I would like to add as a field for each server the link to the monitoring dashboard present on netdata cloud. The authentication to my application is done through AWS cognito, however I was wondering what is the best way to be able to “generate” an authorized link that points directly to the dashboard of each server.

Thank you in advance for your answers


You’ll have to have the netdata dashboards behind a proxy. There’s NGINX Docs | Enabling Single Sign-On for Proxied Applications with Amazon Cognito, NGINX Plus, and OpenID Connect but it requires NGINX Plus, apache seems to support it as well.

A couple of links:

Thank you so much Christopher for the quick reply,
if I understand correctly the solution you suggest does not use netdata cloud, but uses netdata agent + proxy server, correct?
However, what I would like to do is have a single monitoring point for all servers (i.e. netdata cloud) and be able to generate an authorized link (without having to enter a password) to access the netdata cloud. Is this possible?


Ah, of course you can use the cloud, but then it won’t be seamless authentication (i.e. SSO with AWS cognito).
We intend to utilize Google’s identity provider in the future, but SSO in the cloud will most likely be an enterprise feature for the paid version.

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Perhaps you could proxy the connection using a cloudflare worker in the middle.

Let me ask our SET team and report back with an idea or two.


Ok, thank you very much for your time