netdata source plugin for grafana


At work I can’t use netdata cloud, our servers can’t connect to internet.
But I would like to use the netdata source plugin for grafana.

I think it is not possible at the moment. Is there any plan to connect easily grafana to netdata ? (without prometheus)


Hi @pdgaaa - good question - at the moment the netdata plugin relies on a Netdata Cloud account since it uses an api key from NC to basically hit the same backend api’s the NC itself uses to pull composite data from multiple nodes etc.

I think it would be good if we also made a “netdata agent data source” plugin or something perhaps - really though i think that would just end up being a sort of wrapper on something very similar to the default json Grafana data source plugin: JSON plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

So for example should be able to use that to pull whatever data you want from the various endpoints on the agent: Swagger Editor

Eg can then use the Grafana json datasource to map and pass through things like time variables etc to calls to /api/v1/data etc to get some charts you might want to have available in Grafana.

@hugo fyi - good feedback here on Grafana plugin - i wonder how difficult or not it might be to extend it to support agent only approach too perhaps or if would need to be a different plugin.

@andrewm4894 atm it feels it would be a totally different plugin but with the work being done on the Agent to it soon maybe that the same plugin could be used for both, still a bit too early to know