Is it possible to query metrics from a warroom at Netadata via API ? With API key.


hello @s.oezkan

Short answer is it will be soon.

We are building a Grafana data source plugin at the moment that is very nearly ready for launch (just need to submit to Grafana for signing etc).

As part of this we had to build api user level token for NC and make it able to query the data endpoints that are behind the warrooms.

So once the Grafana plugin is live we will after that then start documenting and making the same api’s available.

Idea being that users and developers could just use the api’s of netdata cloud too if it’s useful for them.

Are you asking for a specific use case that you have in mind that you’d be happy to share? Just keen to try understand such use cases on our end so we can have them in mind.

@hugo fyi.

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