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New Cloud War Room overview screen with composite charts

We are heavily working on making Netdata Cloud way more useful with a new War Room Overview. Cloud users a)will have an overview of what’s happening within their infrastructure and b) will be able to drill down and see metrics across their nodes in a single chart. We use composite charts to make it happen. Stay tuned!

Sure thing, send away when you have something for me to break :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Luis, thanks for your questions and willingness to help!

If we decide to roll out a beta tester program, we will make sure to ping you! (Is it cool to send you an email to the one that used to sign up to the forum?).

This functionality will be offered for now in Netdata Cloud. There are no plans currently to create something similar in the Agent.

What’s the ETA on it? Can we sign up to test/break it?
Will you port it to the agent UI?

Thanks @manos Saratsis for this update!

If anyone has questions or ideas, please post them here. We will keep you updated on the composite charts :sunglasses: