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New Cloud Overview next steps

The 1st version of the new Cloud Overview is out there! Together with this we offered for the first time composite charts, charts with data from multiple nodes.

Yes, currently it’s a hidden gem but soon will be the primary View in Cloud. We just wait for many people to update their agent version to v1.26 before we make it a default.

What’s next for the Overview screen:

  • The ability to Group by node, so you can drill down when you see a strange pattern
  • Configuration persistence at least for the same browser session for now
  • Ability to add a composite chart to a dashboard. This will be very useful if you want to combine different charts in a single dashboard for analysis or even troubleshooting
  • The ability to reset the configuration to the defaults. While troubleshooting ,you can work with the charts and the filters but at some point you will want again the smart default configuration
  • Dropdown improvements so you can limit the data sets that are part of the chart
  • Different node visualizations. This will be a big one.

But we would love to know your thoughts. Any wishes?

That’s cool! I will put it on the list for the forum revamp that is coming (oops, spoiled the beans).

Cheers :slight_smile:

@OdysLam Sure! Let’s start small with sharing what we plan to do for the next 2 months.

Thanks @manos-saratsis for the review of what to come. If only I could share more from our internal discussions :grimacing:

I think there is a great opportunity here to create a public roadmap that people will be able to see what we are building, give any kudos to community members that potentially influenced our decisions, and get up to date. I will be always up-to-date and live. I have a few ideas on the implementation. (a good example is SuiteCRM.

What do you think?