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What is Cloud/Agent?

I have installed the Agent on my ubuntu Server, now I’d like to add more devices to it and start managing the whole company, What do I have to do next? What is the cloud different from the Agent? Was not the agent supposed to be the payload i deploy in any device i need my server to see? I am confused in here, sorry guys :slight_smile:

@Nocera please have in mind that we are working on a new Cloud Overview screen that will let users have a lot of ready made ready made composite charts with the use of metrics from nodes within a War Room. Feel free to organize your nodes in War Rooms in the meanwhile.

Hey @nocera,

Sorry for getting back to you so late, did you manage to create an account :sweat_smile: ? We are working hard on a number of features, and the sign-in story is high on a priority!

If you have any question, please shoot away.


@OdysLam Amazing answers! I am in the process of creating a NetData Cloud account, I have no idea What to do for get approved, I have already selected Sign in and chosen my Work E-mail.

Hey @nocera,

Welcome to our forums! These are all great questions, so let’s try to answer them all:

  1. You install the agent on all the machines that you want to monitor. Then you create a Netdata Cloud account and you claim your nodes.
  2. You create your own dashboards for your nodes, so you can get any number of charts from any node in one dashboard.
  3. You can monitor a windows machine using the windows_exporter, we have detailed documentation about it

I guess my question here is How can I manage more Netdata servers and keep it in one dashboard for access, or I cannot?
I also checked it is not possible to manage a Windows Server for instance, is it?