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We want users to be able to build and share their own custom dashboards. This will be easy to do (think drag-and-drop) and will support filtering and time-selection both on a dashboard and on a chart level, as well as data aggregations and composite charts. We are proponents of zero-configuration, but we believe users will benefit from being able to tailor how data is displayed to their particular use-case and team - if needed.


System Load Dashboard


Adding a Chart


Adding a Dashboard

Hey @andrew81,

Thanks for the great feedback!

  1. You can easily create no-code dashboards using our Custom Dashboards functionality!
  2. Currently we don’t have this functionality, but this is a nice idea. I have taken note of it and informed the product team.

Cheers :slight_smile:

This is great and brings to mind two questions:

  1. Is there are light version of the default dashboard with just the System Overview section? Something lighter in resources and with less information overload for newbies.

  2. If I want to build a custom lightweight dashboard, is there somewhere to learn about and share dashboards like grafana has at

Thanks for you attention.

Cloud now supports dashboards. Docs have been updated.

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