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Demoing samples for nodes and more?

Hi all, we are looking to demo netdata cloud in a short amount of time and I was curious if there was more samples outside of the demo sites I have seen here. While we are not yet experts with netdata cloud, what I am trying to do is share with existing and new clients the power of utilizing netdata cloud for monitoring and alerting and am hoping to get some collateral to help with this. Maybe something we can add to our own war rooms and all?

Thanks much.

Hi @mgodfrey welcome!

An idea we have discussed a few times is automatically provisioning demo agents of some sort and claiming them into a space once a new user signs up. It’s just not quite something we have concrete plans for yet as far as i’m aware.

I’d love it though and think would be cool if once you signed up you got something like a demo space that has a couple of agents in it that maybe die after 24 hours or something but in the meantime you could even maybe interact with to run some pre-defined workloads and maybe even some chaos engineering attacks on them to see how they play out on the dashboard and via the alerts etc.

But in the meantime i don’t think there is much else apart from just spinning up a VM yourself and installing Netdata on it and claiming that node. Or running Netdata via docker is another option perhaps if you already have a server you would like to try Netdata Cloud on.

Thanks for the question though - great to have questions like this from the community to maybe help us re-prioritize or try build a more native demo based experience into the Netdata Cloud onboarding flow.

@Manos_Saratsis @David you guys might find this interesting.