getting WARNING Unable to determine Linux distribution for native packages, when installing on Linux Mint

trying to install to Linux Mint 21. I want to use the journal features in 1.43. when I install using the command generated by the cloud console I get the following errors:

WARNING Unable to determine Linux distribution for native packages.

WARNING Could not install native binary packages, falling back to alternative installation method.

and the agent DOES install but it doesn’t install the system journal features.

it appears that the file cannot identify Mint as an Ubuntu/debian downstream.

how do Install Netdata on Linux Mint 21 so that I can use the journal functions.

You can override the distro auto-detection with the (intentionally undocumented, because getting things wrong can seriously mess stuff up) --distro-override option. It takes one argument, consisting of the ID, VERSION_ID, and VERSION_CODENAME values you would find in /etc/os-release for the system you want the script to assume it’s running on, separated by colons. For Linux Mint 21, you probably want --distro-override ubuntu:22.04:jammy since it’s based on Ubuntu 22.04.

However, as of right now we intentionally don’t try to treat Linux Mint (or LMDE) as the equivalent version of Ubuntu (or Debian) because we’ve done essentially zero testing of our native packages there. It’s reasonably likely they will work without issue, but it’s not a certainty, so we’ve decided to err on the side of caution here. If everything works (not just installation, but also the agent itself running correctly) on Linux Mint with just the option I mentioned above to override the distro auto-detection, we would greatly appreciate if you could let us know. If things are working seemingly correctly for at least one user, that’s enough on our end to do at least preliminary testing and hopefully just add an automatic override in the installer script itself so that the --distro-override option is not needed for that case.

I have multiple instances running on Mint, I’m happy to facilitate that testing if I can.

I’ve got the output. where do you want me to send it?
it appeared to have installed but I’m not sure it didn’t override again because it still threw errors and didn’t give me the log function.

Just sharing the warnings at the end of the output should be enough. Unless there’s sensitive data in the output, sharing here should be fine. There’s a distinct possibility that the --distro-override option isn’t working at the moment either given that it’s not something that gets used or tested very often.

yeah so I confirmed that this was a problem with the install because Mint is not identified as an install you have binaries for it didn’t install the system-journald plugin. an uninstall and re-install with the override worked after I commented out a local repo I have that doesn’t have ssh keys. so you should be good to add this to the “trusted” list.

also we can close this