systemd-journal.plugin not showing as a function on any 1.43 nodes

So I have several 1.43 notes (mostly Linux mint, but with a smattering of MacOS and Rasbian). they are all running some version of 1.43. However I don’t see the systemd-journal.plugin entry under functions for any of them.

I’ve tried from Netdata Cloud and from a local webgui login.
I don’t see any plugin called any derivative of systemd-journal.plugin anyone were on the systems.

I’d like to use this function but I’m under the impression that it’s installed by default with an updated agent but I don’t see it.

help please.

This was related to the OS I was installing it on. Linux Mint 21. because it wasn’t an identified known good binary install the installer defaulted to the RPM install which apparently doesn’t include the system-journald. plugin. doing an override of the version sniffing corrected that.