No systemd-journal logs from Arch Linux


The systemd-journal plugin collects data on my Proxmox, Ubuntu, and Debian hosts. But not on Arch Linux.


The install on Arch doesn’t use apt (naturally) and ends up in /opt/netdata

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

I found a post about a similar problem, not sure if it’s relatable: systemd-journal.plugin not showing as a function on any 1.43 nodes - #2 by os2mac

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc

  • Linux version 6.7.4-arch1-1 (linux@archlinux)
  • netdata v1.44.2

What I expected to happen

Seeing logs from my Arch Linux host like the others.

Maybe because Arch is using static builds?

For the same reason (lack of systemd support for Alpine Linux), the plugin is not available on static builds of Netdata (which are based on muslc, not glibc). If your Netdata is installed in /opt/netdata you most likely have a static build of Netdata.

systemd journal plugin | Learn Netdata

Is there any way I can manually enable systemd-journal on Arch and other static build installs?