E: Unable to locate package netdata-plugin-systemd-journal


Getting the error “Unable to locate package netdata-plugin-systemd-journal” when trying to update / install the newest version of Netdata.

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

Whne I installed the newest version & then enter my Console it keeps saying me that my version is below recommended version 1.39.1
When updating (following Update Netdata | Learn Netdata) I keep getting the error “Unable to locate package netdata-plugin-systemd-journal”

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc

Trying to install the newest version, current version 1.38.0-333-nightly

What I expected to happen

I expect it to install the newest version

Hi flojo,

Based on that specific version number, am I correct in the following assumptions?

  • You are running Ubuntu 18.04
  • You used kickstart.sh to trigger the upgrade.

If so, the problem here is that we are no longer building new native packages for Ubuntu 18.04, as it is out of regular maintenance since 2023-05-31. We are aware that 18.04 has extended support through Canonical’s commercial offerings, but we don’t currently include such offerings in our build targets.

In never versions of Netdata, we have an additional dependency that kickstart.sh attempts to include in the packages to install, which doesn’t take this situation into account. I will report that internally.

There are two options:

  1. Upgrade to a supported Ubuntu release.

  2. Install a static build instead of the native packages.

    Note that you should uninstall Netdata and its plugins completely (purge). If you need to keep the previously collected data, make sure you make a backup of the /var/*/netdata directories, and transplant them to /opt/netdata/var/*/netdata after installing the static build, while Netdata isn’t running.