Health management API not accessible since 1.41.0 update

We’ve updated all nodes to 1.41.0 and ever since, the health management api responds with An authorization bearer is required to access the resource.

The request looks like this:

curl -H "X-Auth-Token: b6133918-29e9-11ee-b66c-b506d4493483" "http://localhost:19999/api/v1/manage/health?cmd=SILENCE ALL"

The auth token is correct and we’ve even recreated the /var/lib/netdata/netdata.api.key file in order to get a new token.

What’s wrong with that?

There is also an issue available: [Bug]: Netdata 1.41.0 breaks API access · Issue #15493 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

Thanks for raising this and identifying a related bug report.

The bug report was merged yesterday and was released on yesterday’s nightly, is this something you can confirm as being fixed or you need this fix on a stable release?

Thanks @hugo for the follow-up, I’ve seen the PR in the issue as well. We can only test this in a published release, but it is quite severe and we’d appreciate if this could land in a patch release asap.

Let me check internally if we have already a date defined.
Will post as soon as I know more about this.

We have a patch release being prepared and it should go out next week (aiming to the middle of the week)