Netdata and Home Assistant

I have been battling netdata integration with Home Assistant for about a year now, off and on and I have had no luck. I would really really like to get it up and running, as HA is pretty much the backbone of my IoT network here and Netdata is my preferred monitoring software. I am not new to HA or creating sensors, but my knowledge and the wonderful community over there haven’t been able to help me get this up and running. I am hoping that you guys can help me.

I have verified that nothing is being blocked by my firewall. My HA configuration closely resembles the one in HA’s Netdata documentation:

  - platform: netdata
    host: IP
    port: 19999
    name: netdata-server
        data_group: system.load
        element: load15
        icon: mdi:chip

Netdata is clearly seeing HA in some form. I get messages on my access.log showing frequent connections/disconnections from my HAs IP:

IP:Port ‘DATA’ (sent/all = 251/498 bytes -50%, prep/sent/total = 0.01/0.09/0.11 ms) 301 ‘/api/v1/allmetrics%3Fformat=json…’
IP:Port ‘DATA’ (sent/all = 251/498 bytes -50%, prep/sent/total = 0.01/0.09/0.10 ms) 301 ‘/api/v1/alarms%3Fall&format=json’

But I am not getting anything in my error.log and the only thing that I get from HA is that ‘Netdata is taking a long time to set up’.

I hope that someone could help me out, even if it’s just getting me in the right direction to troubleshoot!

After playing with it all day, I have come to realize that TLS is just not supported between these 2 platforms. Requests over http work if I set the bind dashboard to optional. Don’t really like that though. It looks like the most popular way to add it these days is using iframe panel, but that wont give you any sensors to work with and it won’t load over mobile either. Between this and my recent update issues, it may be time for me to move away from Netdata, unfortunately.