New to Netdata, a few questions

Looking into this product it seems great. So what I’ve gathered is that if I wanted to run this for free, all I need to do is sign up and I will be given a tenant in the Netdata cloud.
Then I would install agents on all my servers that I wish to monitor, do some slight configuration and then poof, I’m up and running?

I have a few questions about the product itself.

  1. I’ve noticed that all of the bandwidth graphs report IN bandwidth as a positive number, and the OUT bandwidth as a negative number. Is there a way to stack both of these IN and OUT as positive numbers and lay them over each other? I don’t like having IN bandwidth above the 0 line, and OUT bandwidth below it.

  2. Does Netdata log windows eventlog data? Or other log data from devices? Like firewalls, etc. Or are the events that are inside Netdata just going to be alert events based on CPU, disk, network utilization, etc.?

  3. Are there any methods to monitor SonicWall firewalls? I have searched and don’t see a native integration for Netdata and SonicWall. The closest I can find is this How to Monitor a Sonicwall NSA · Issue #7774 · netdata/netdata · GitHub from 2 years ago.

  4. Does the community version of Netdata support integration with Microsoft Teams? The pricing page mentions that community only does email and discord, but the pro version supports Webhook (which is what I assume Teams needs for the integration)

  5. Looking at the pricing of Netdata : Pricing | Netdata I don’t quite understand the differences between the “events” thresholds between the different editions. Community edition only allows for up to 4 hours of events, while pro allows for 7 days. Is there any support area I can review that goes into the details of the differences between 4 hours and 7 days that I can learn more about these events and if I really need more than 4 hours?

Hello - apologies for bit of a delay getting back to you!

  1. I recall a fiecre internal debate about this a while back too :slight_smile: I was of same option as you in that i sort of need to flip the negative in my head or at least it makes it a little harder to compare magniture of both dims easily. I think could be worth a feature request here to have some way to as a user overwrite the default in some easy way and have NC just save or remember your defaults then.

  2. I think idea is you can have collectors that can scan log files and derive metrics from them. For example: Fluentd collector | Learn Netdata There is also a big PR underway to bring more log processing capabilities into the agent: Logs Management by Dim-P · Pull Request #13291 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

  3. Not 100% sure - I see some discussion here as well: I think there maybe could be a way using SNMP: @Austin_Hemmelgarn wrote a cool blog post about this a little while back: Monitoring remote UNIX-like systems using Netdata and Net-SNMP | Netdata Blog not 100% sure if relevant but worth looking into for sure.

  4. We dont actually have an MS Teams integration yet - but we add them fairly quick as Pro customers ask for them - eg we just added opsgenie in last week or so. For sure a generic webhook would work but if we had someone specifically looking for MS Teams then for sure that would get done - so i’d imagine its maybe only a matter of time before someone on the Pro plan is looking for it and so gets prioritized.

  5. I think best place is the docs here: Events feed | Learn Netdata. You could probably get a feel for what this all is in the “Events” tab of some of the public demo spaces, for example: Netdata Cloud

I’m comparing NetData with CheckMK and item 1, with the bandwidth graphs is a dealbreaker for Netdata.
If there isn’t an option to stack these and look at the graph without having to do mental math we will need to look elsewhere. Thanks for answering these, I appreciate it.

Haven’t tested it but… you could stream your clients to a parent node and customise the collectors/dashboards on the parent. The latter part is actually really easy.
Naturally, you miss out on the cloudy goodness; this is a current issue with Netdata cloud insofar that there is very little ability to customise the (cloud) web UI.