Best way to show homenetwork in dashboard (no fixed ip)

I have some virtual machines running in my home network and some running at a providers site and I would like to see them all in the dashboard. Problem is that the homenetwork has no fixed ip adress .

How can this be done ?

More a network question I fear, but I assume someone did something like that already.

Thanks a lot


IP address doesn’t matter at all, I’m not sure what exactly you’re having trouble with. Even if the host’s hostname keeps changing, you can configure a different hostname in netdata.conf for Netdata to use.

The true identifying information of a host for Netdata is under /var/lib/netdata, a directory that needs to be persisted across netdata restarts. Specifically, all hosts have a GUID under the registry directory and if the host is connected to the cloud, the identifying info is under cloud.d.

Presumably i was not clear.

I thought about the dasboard in the cloud and thought that the cloud must be able to reach the nodes. And that would be a problem if the address of this node changes. If the communication is initiated by the node (which I don’t know) there should be no problem

Indeed, the node opens the connection to the cloud. The cloud app itself isn’t even aware of the host’s IP, which is relevant only to the proxies at the edge.