Are Node IP Addresses Visible in Netdata Cloud (or Parent Nodes)?

I am new to Netdata and assessing it for a monitoring tool, including a basic level of visibility and integration with out network designs. One feature, or element of a Node’s information, that I can’t see in Netdata Cloud are the actual IP addresses of network interfaces on the node - am I missing something obvious or is this data not actually collected?

When selecting a nodes general information the hostname is of course shown, and various metrics relating to network interfaces, IPv4 and IPv6, but no actual IP addresses assigned to the node.

Is it possible to find or expose this information so a node can be searched or selected by IP address?

Is this information available somewhere I just can’t see yet?

Thanks, Gary.

Hi @garyh ,

Welcome to our forums and thanks for raising this question with us.

At the moment, there isn’t any place where this information is displayed because we don’t collect it from the Node’s agent and pass it, as metadata, to the Cloud. We have this identified as a need, and it actually has been mentioned on the forums in the past-

We can’t yet tell when this will become available, since we have a couple of other things in front.

In the meantime, if you haven’t done it already, would editing the hostnames be any helpful? You can check how it is done here - Configure the Netdata Agent | Learn Netdata


@hugo - thanks for the quick response.

As someone how has their roots in networking, and as we see the transformation of networks towards more automation and infrastructure-as-code, I would think this should become a very important attribute. You can understand a lot about infrastructure deployment if you have good IP address management.

As a slight tangent question then, are you able to select nodes to create custom dashboards, or filter views, based on host labels?

With this capability we could hopefully create some internal automation to add the IP address as label to the node via an API call. Or otherwise configure it manually as a label during node deployment and configuration.

Regards, Gary.

For info as well, the link to the past forum discussion on “displaying-server-ip-address…” does not work anymore (perhaps not migrated to the new community platform).

I totally understand the need and it makes sense to have some sort of dynamic dashboards that based on some filtering rules would group/surface what you need.

At the moment we don’t have filtering by host labels but it is on our plans to enhance the global node filter to allow using host labels there and, most probably, allow to have saved views around it.

We will keep you posted on this.

Regarding the link I shared, I tried it with an incognito session and couldn’t open it as well - it seems to have been flagged as private, let me try to investigate on why.